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Esikhya- a smart School Management Software

In the present time, each school all throughout the world needs one or other sort of School Management System or which is called School Management Software. A large portion of the schools have encountered one or other sort of framework, anyway because of impediments of highlights, item experience, or client assistance issues they wind up searching for better choices.

Esikhya School Management Software carries the best of innovation to give 360-degree experience to schools which improve the efficiency of authoritative staff as well as improves insight and usefulness of the multitude of partners head, the board, instructors, organization staff, students, and guardians.

Experience the new age School Management Software

A system which is designed by working with 1000s of education professionals, teachers and administration staff to deliver the best of technology. Check the video for more information.

Benefits to Management

Having a unique framework with a bird perspective on information and reports can give a higher degree of force and speed in dynamics for head or the board faculty. Esikhya gives additional customary Management Dashboard and information revealing capacities alongside a unique access rights instrument which turns into a gift for the board faculty.

Benefits to teachers and staff

Approaching the School Management System dashboard and Mobile App duplicates the efficiency of every staff. Having the ability to report significant exercises on a framework diminishes trouble and improves the speed of correspondence. Keeping information records and access of information when required makes their life very simple.

Benefits to students and parents

Portable App and web access of the educational system makes the life of understudies and guardians very simple. Getting to all the significant data on an application dashboard improves generally network with school. It brings better learning results for understudies. Having learning assets on the application and framework gives opportunity for the understudy to learn whenever anyplace with his/her own speed.

 Key Features for Management

     Management Dashboard

     Data analysis and reports

     Inquiries and admission tracking

     Student profile tracking for parent's meet / key inputs

     Class wise performance tracking

     Teachers activity analysis

     Lesson progress tracking

     Fees and financial data analysis

     Quick communication

     Staff records tracking

Key Features for Teachers and Staff

     Information access on App

     Communication quickness for respective domain

     Domain specific module access

     Data analysis and reports

     Attendance and leave management

     Concerned student details access

     Classroom activity records

     Lesson progress management

     Student performance tracking

     Learning resource sharing

     Remote teaching

Key features for students and parents

     Important communication access

     Attendance records

     Exam schedules and performance records

     Homework and classwork access

     Lesson plan progress access

     Online Test options

     Learning resource access

     Fee records and online payment

     Live class option 

     Remote parent meetings

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