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What is Esikhya?


Esikhya is a software program specifically designed to strongly control all of the administrative duties of a school. Also called school control ERP software programs handle all the tedious responsibilities that in advance need to be looked after with the aid of a selected man or woman with the use of pen and paper.


Esikhya program acts as a central dashboard wherein all the stakeholders- principals, management, instructors, and mother and father can get entry to any critical information, every time. With this software program, teachers can spend greater time on teaching and scholar development, parents can live updated with their ward’s overall performance, the control can easily manipulate all the difficult and time-taking administrative tasks, and principals can display and manage each unmarried motion being finished internal and out of the school premises.


Right from handling attendance, to online fees, a complete school ERP lets you do all of it. The idea is to streamline the functioning of a school, consequently enhancing the niceness of schooling being brought. Powered with modern-day-day technology which includes cloud computing, machine studying, and statistics analytics, Esikhya ensures absolute safety and recuperation of statistics. Decision-makers and control can also limit entry to sensitive records as a faculty ERP gives role-primarily based access to the stakeholders.


One of the most amazing benefits of esikhya software is that it saves a whole lot of time worrying about handling massive statistics and information. This further enables teachers and administrative groups of workers to concentrate more on the opposite important jobs and paintings more effectively. Simply put, all of the returned-workplace operations of a faculty may be taken through the esikhya software program.


For mother and father, Esikhya keeps them updated with how their ward is acting. Whether they want to record their child’s attendance, or view homework and record cards, esikhya allows it all, making it easier for parents to take important steps every time required. This, in flip, enables holistic improvement in their ward.


When it involves principals, they could preserve a file of the school’s typical activities. Be it sending bulk messages to parents and teachers, or reaching out to any of them, principals can do all this on the spot. An unmarried click is all it wishes!


Benefits of Esikhya:

Technology Integration: A sensible Esikhya program is ready with cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, machine getting to know, and so on. Via which schools can meet their goals and aspirations. These technologies make data control easier and faster and ensure security and recuperation in any respect.

Flexibility: No be counted which region you are at, or what time it is, a contemporary cloud-based totally ERP lets you access any information you’re searching out. Stakeholders are no longer bound by the limitations of time and region to carry out a particular movement.

Paperless Administration: Since a faculty ERP software is powered with automation, there’s no want for pen and paper. Everything can be managed with a single click. Whilst you’re searching out some precise data, the ERP will robotically fetch the desired data in no time.

Productivity: Since a school ERP runs on automation, some time is saved in performing numerous operations. This further facilitates in growing the productiveness of the school personnel and they could make use of their time in more critical sports to enhance the satisfaction of training.

Performance: A school ERP software is designed for scholar success as the lecturers get extra time for teaching and recognition on pupil development. Also, the mother and father get extra involved in their ward’s education as they live up to date with every unmarried happening at faculty.

Information Accessibility: All stakeholders- principals, instructors, management, and parents are reachable to the desired information with the assistance of a school ERP software. Also, entry to sensitive content material may be confined with the role-based totally access feature.


Why is Esikhya vital for schools?

Managing everyday administrative responsibilities was by no means an easy piece of labor for schools. With the assistance of technological improvements, school management has now come to be less complicated than ever. A Esikhya program permits schools to head paperless and control the entirety with only an unmarried click on. Be it circulating important information and occasions or generating receipts and document playing cards, it may all be easily done right away.


Esikhya can remodel your school campus into a modern virtual campus. All administrative responsibilities can be monitored on an unmarried platform in the best manner. Not to mention, it additionally enables improving stakeholder collaboration and provides a greater enjoyment to the mother and father and school students. In a nutshell, a school ERP software is a one-prevent solution for coping with the day by day administrative obligations so that a school can function in a better way.


Modules & Features of Esikhya

This module permits a pupil to be registered on a school database at the side of all the necessary information together with Aadhar playing cards, Date of Birth Certificate, Parents detail, and many others. This permits a school to allow admission from any corner of the world. A discern can fill out the essential details of the child and routinely a form will be submitted to the school admin, who can then sort out the selection of the pupil, therefore.


Benefits of Online Registration Module in Esikhya 

Time-Saving - Registration of a brand new pupil in any faculty is a time-consuming technique because it calls for the allotment of the dedicated aid from the school. This tedious technique is sorted with the aid of CampusCare through an automated procedure.


Global Access - Usually talent in school is restricted to a neighborhood or a subsidiary region, however, Entab's online school management software enables a faculty to overcome this case due to the fact a school can receive registration from any nook of the world.


Eco - friendly - CampusCare enables a faculty pass inexperienced for the reason that heaps of bundles of paper do not go to waste utilizing automating the entire process.


·       It ensures student safety by making sure whether a student is present on the bus or not and later submits the report to their parents.

·       With this, you can keep track of each student’s route change history. They also display information such as students who has opted for school transportation without routes assigned to them.

·       Any effective school management software will have the facility to manage school transportation effectively.

14. Transport Management System

·       This module is an effective solution to make school library management simple and effective. It has features such as find, search, issue and return books. It supports bar code & scanning capability to automate your library. It also includes reports of library members, daily issue register and much more.

13. Library Management System

·       With this module, daily classroom homework assignments become easily available to students 24 hours a day. It also contains the date when it was assigned and when it should be submitted. In addition to these, teachers can also modify homework assignments and projects as per the requirements.

12. Homework/Remote Work

·       School management system software efficiently performs profile management. It is one module of the system which is used to manage students, parents, staff and teachers. It captures information such as name and contact information of the users. Every user has unique login credentials to access.

11. Profile Management

·       Such software is capable enough to manage the registration and admission process of both old and new students smoothly. This software can remove the difficulties caused by human errors and treats the new and old students differently based on the information provided.

·       Avoid keeping bundles of files as you can save all the data in a system. This method can help you to access the data immediately if required. You can do this with effective school management software.

10. Admission Management

·       Online billing helps schools to allow credit card payments and parents can pay their child’s school fees at home easily. This make the whole process of fee payment hassle-free for both parents and the school.

·       A simple way to manage and deliver payments, charge fees and prepare bills is by using Smart Cards for payment system. It is easy and convenient to use.

·       Managing receipts and incoming payments, preparing bills, tracking several types of fees before applying them to the right student etc can be time-consuming and difficult without proper software to handle the functions.

9. Fee Tracking and Online Payment

·       Teachers can review this before finalizing and approving the report card and make it accessible to parents and students immediately.

·       School management software can help teachers and school authorities to streamline the process of generating report cards using an interactive database. With the already available information about a student’s class performance, attendance and exam results, the database completes the report card automatically.

·       A Report Card represents a student’s hard work throughout the year and it is the most anticipated thing in an academic year. However, both the teachers and the school administration find it a time-consuming responsibility.

8. Report Cards

·       Teachers can provide individual assessments to each student looking at their level of knowledge if so required. Rubric-based assessments can be used by teachers for such purposes. So, this is an important feature for school management software to have.

·       While term examinations are still relevant, it is of much help to teachers and students to test and learn the knowledge each student has acquired continuously. Online assessments and assignments are therefore very important.

7. Online Assessments and Assignments

·       Marking attendance in grids having small squares is very hard and errors can occur very easily.

·       Sometimes, it is difficult for teachers to manage the whole process of taking attendance and recording them accurately.

·       Attendance management is an important school administrative task and it requires teachers to spend a small chunk of time at the beginning of each class.

6. Attendance & Timetable Management

·       Another small but important feature of highly effective school management software is the facility to use templates that can be saved to communicate important days like teachers’ day, annual day, cultural day etc.

·       Thereby lessening the time invested by the school administrators in making phone calls or leaving messages to parents.

·       School management systems have Parent portal, which are capable enough to facilitate the communication process by sending text, voice messages and e-mails to a predefined set of parents and the whole school.

·       To a great extent, student success depends on the effectiveness of communication among parents, schools and teachers.

5. Communication Facilities (Voice Messaging, E-mail, Chats, etc)

·       AI is not a fancy term. It actually reduces your expense and makes a significant difference to safety and your ROI

·       With Integrated AI features such as Auto Routing, Auto Optimization and Auto Allocation, managing school buses has become much easier than ever before. So, check out if the software of your choice offers any AI features.

·       AI has slowly started to make its presence felt on our daily lives. In 2018, AI is has become part of many mainstream software. For effective school management software, one of the key areas with AI integration is School Bus Fleet Management.

4. AI Based Fleet Management OR Visitors/Parking System Management

• Teachers can easily notify parents about their student’s report once it is filed

• Classroom forms and reports can be filled quickly using the school management software where almost all information regarding the classroom and students are updated accordingly

• Teachers can log onto their database securely to access the records regarding school, classroom and student activities

Some of its advantages include:

Effective school management software not only helps in availing information regarding students but also provides information regarding teacher activities inside the school. It’s easy to view a particular teacher’s class schedule, file reports efficiently etc. Also, teachers can use their database to keep the details regarding class timings, student progress and classroom activities in one place.

3. Teacher Information

• The feature of a direct line of communication to teachers helps students and parents to contact teachers in case of any doubts, questions, comments or suggestions

• Provides great relief to teachers by providing students’ attendance report and progress cards to parents without any delay

• Provides up-to-date information regarding PTA meeting, grades, assignments etc.

• Helps parents to actively participate in their children’s educational activities

Benefits of Parent Portal

3.     It helps parents to be with their child and teachers the whole day.

2.     However, now it’s easy for parents to avail updates about their child’s academic activities through parent portals and school apps.

1.     Being part of your child’s school activities and stay connected with their academic progress can be a difficult thing in this busy world.

2. Parent Access

·       Smart cards for schools can be used as identity cards to access the details regarding a particular student when required. As simple as that!

·       In addition to this information, details regarding the students’ medical history, accounts, billing etc. are also added by the administration.

·       Teachers can use the student database to avail basic information of students like grades, address, information regarding parents and siblings etc.

·       Attendance, homework, discipline, grades, and achievements! Almost all the information regarding the students can be accessed easily using efficient school management software.

1. Student Information Management:

Features Highlights for the Best 14 Features as follows:


·       One portal providing access for all family children.

·       Access to school announcements and activity calendar online.

·       Quickly receive notifications for child’s lower grades, absents from school and discipline referrals.

·       Easy online access to child’s discipline referrals.

·       Easy online access to child’s schedule, attendance, grades, assignments and homework.

·       Family access gives the parent peace of mind knowing that at any time they can check their child’s grades, attendance, homework, assignments, discipline referrals and much more. Additionally, Parents can view invoices and pay student fees using online fee payment gateway.

Parents and Students Perspective Benefits:

·       Easy to Handle Hostel/Library/Event/Attendance/SMS Enabling/Visitors-Parking/Reports/Task/Program-Course management Modules effectively.

·       Easy to print report cards from within the classroom.

·       Easy to print progress reports for the teacher parent meeting.

·       Easy to enter discipline referrals.

·       Keep Parents up to date with their ward's progress

·       Easy access to attendance, exams and test scores.

Teachers/Staff Perspective Benefits:

·       Staff Salary Generation & Expenses Management

·       Administrators can generate different types of letters including truancy, Bonafede certificates, transfer certificates, discipline and student progress.

·       Module wise dashboard view which gives run time live summary information.

·       Multiple browse support including IE, Firefox and Chrome

·       Reduced paper works and increased accuracy.

·       Operational automation of entire school.

·       Administrative activities are automated. Data can be easily located with many search options that helps administrators not to waste their precious time.

Administrators Perspective Benefits:


·       Strong financial control, flexibility and reduction in human error.

·       50% Reduction in paper and file retention.

·       Easy to use and high functionality footprint.

·       Timesaving in payment collection deposits and rental up to 40%.

·       Timesaving in processing student applications up to 80%.

·       Minimizing high administrative overheads.

Over All Benefits of our Solutions:

·       Multi Campus - The Software is a multi-campus and multi-location software that can work across different time zones. So, if you have a campus in One region and another in Different region, you can easily sync your data by adopting Centralized Database Technologies.

·       Fully Customizable - The Software is fully customizable as per the requirement of the institution. It adapts itself with your style of working without asking you to change the way you work.

·       Multi-branch management is easier with school management system. 2 access groups are created, one where the user only has access to their own branch. the second is a super user access with a single-login access to all branches.

Multi-School Module Benefits:




·       It is designed to scale much more smoothly than the other models by offering multi-tenanted single instance software. With users sharing in a common infrastructure, the application makes more efficient use of hardware and is designed to scale across multiple machines.

·       It differentiates itself from “On Premise” software by avoiding the need to purchase and maintain the computer hardware and related infrastructure to run an application. The only infrastructure required remains a personal computer to run the software and sufficient networking connectivity to reach the internet.

·       The Model is well suited for customers who have little interest or capability in software operation but do have considerable computing requirements such as Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management, Customer Relations Management, and many more.

·       It empowers your academic institution to drive efficiencies and enhance student experiences. By reducing the manual repetitive nonvalue added work, it keeps the employees happy thereby increasing their productivity.

·       This is a solution with a completely customizable core and a simple interface that enables you to function as you want to. It adapts to your style and speaks your language.

·       It manages records and functions related to students, teachers, employees, courses, attendance, timetable, hostel, library, inventory and others to help you to run your institute efficiently.

·       School bus management that can set routes, assign students, store vehicle details, driver details, maintenance and transportation fees.

·       Easily upload all types of certificates like transfer, Bonafede, No Due certificates and mark sheets.

·       Easy examination result publishing for all classes from KG to XII.

·       It cuts down on the time for time-table preparation and teacher timesheets. Students get automatically assigned on basis of course/division and academic year.

·       Easy to use interface that even those used to manual processes can easily adapt to.

·       Service based data security with automatic backup and Restore.

·       Built on the latest technologies and can integrate with RFID technology such as attendance management, on-line payments, SMS, E-mail and Smart phones.

·       The School Management Software is flexible enough to adapt to needs of CBSE, State boards, ICSE and residential schools whatever be the size.

Core & Advanced Module Benefits:




     Core Module

     Advanced Module

    Add on for Multi-School

v  Registry / Program Executive Module

v  Dashboard

v  Multilingual


v  Fee / Finance / Accounts

v  Feedback

v  Multi Location


v  Login for Student/Faculty/Parents

v  Back Up & Restore

v  Multiple Time Zones


v  Faculty / Staff Login (Faculty Management System)

v  Upload & Download

v  Responsive Design


v  HR Management System

v  Campus Information

v  Print Photo ID Cards


v  Admin Management System

v  Administration

v  Inbuilt Support


v  Library Management System

v  Website

v  Multiple School Management


v  Enquiry / CRM (Student Inquiry Management)

v  Resource Booking


v  Principal Login / Director Login

v  Payment Gateway


v  Store / Inventory (Store & Inventory Management)

v  Automated Management System


v  Document & Certification Management

v  Examination Management


v  Visitor/Front Desk

v  Homework / Remote Work


v  Hostel Management

v  Communicate


v  Transport Management

v  Online Exam


v  Placement

v  Admission Management


v  SMS Plugin

v  Mentorship Programs


v  Settings

v  Grievance Management


v  Academics

v  Intelligent Analytics


v  Student Information System

v  Cafeteria


v  Program & Course Management

v  Asset Maintenance


v  Department Information

v  HR & Payroll Management


v  Attendance Management

v  Alumni Management


v  Staff Information

v  User Management


v  Event Management


v  Reports


v  Calendar



v  Tasks



v  ID-Card Management



v  SMS / Email Integration


v  Timetable Management


v  Parking Management



Following are the list of modules which are currently available in the solutions for Schools and Multi-School Management system:

For a complete user experience, our software product is diversely designed so as to be accessed from anywhere. Esikhya School Software is developed to let fine avenues through smartphones of leading software including Web Application and Android.

Made Adaptive


The free Community Edition from Esikhya School Software will suit as a basic platform to develop academic administration. A wide range of added features is available for altered needs of ambitious clients. To get our pricing schemes, just visit the pricing page.

Made Affordable


Setting up Esikhya School Software is too simple and convenient and would take only about 1-2 hours. Through a series of technical tests, this software is made sure to provide uninterrupted management of schools.

Made Easy


We present an easily approachable, user-friendly and dynamic school management software that benefits for academic excellence. Whole administrative needs of academic institutions can be served with this integrated software, featured with multi-user interface. Esikhya School Software lets school administration get organized by involving parents, teachers and employees.

Made Efficient


Why choose Us?

The latest version of Esikhya School Software, with added features is all ready . This advanced version provides better stability and efficiency in managing school systems. The introduction of The Web-School App for both Android and Web App made the accessibility of mobile & PC devices more convenient.

Esikhya School Software Version X.1

The initiators of Esikhya School Software is a pioneer establishment focused mainly on software development and internet marketing, have a clientele list spreading all across the world. Our school management system owns a strong client testimony for boosting productivity and efficiency of academic administration.

The Brains Behind

Esikhya School Software, the integrated software application will be sufficient for accomplishing active running of schools. Our deeply tested and efficient software system will make easier administering for schools.

Smoother Schools


The comprehensive suite of solutions allows institutions to select only the modules that they need. The School Management Software modules seamlessly integrate administrative, financial and student processes to remove manual intervention as far as possible.

This software boasts a variety of features that improve the overall administration of schools. With the use of School Management Software, staff can be more accountable as it helps to know the performance of each department in just few seconds. Almost all departments within education industry (e. g. admission, administration, timetable, examination, HR, finance etc.) can be synchronized and accessed. School Management Software helps to assign the responsibilities to employee staff and can reduce time wastage and can speed up the administrative functions. Core functions like admissions, library management, transport management, students’ attendance in short entire range of university functions can be well performed by School Management Software.

To better perform the functions of school management and assure parents of their child’s safety and progress, schools are using school management software nowadays.

School management is an important part of any educational system. School authorities all over the world are continuously engaged in numerous activities to efficiently manage school functions and provide a better educational experience to students. However, managing school affairs is not at all easy in this fast growing world.

About Us:








Esikhya has a high level of customized School Management System.



Our well-trained team provides round the clock continuous service without any kind of interruption.

Great support


We offer the lowest possible charge in the market with excellent quality work.

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3 main reasons explaining why to choose us


Using the esikhya Software integrated into a mobile application is a great innovation of Esikhya SOFTWARE. It helps the school administration update their data whenever they require to do so. The systematic feature of the school management system is impressive and of course easy to handle. But make sure the authorized person only will get access to edit information just like the normal desktop software. Smartphone software has the ability to make reports, control classrooms, and accept tuition fees and so on. The school management software can work on Android, Web Application devices and tablets. It provides a very handy solution like you can carry the entire management system with you.

School over Phone

Mobile Version

Esikhya SOFTWARE is mostly famous for its consistency in training and re-training provision. We provide the training until it reaches the perfection that required to learn as well as to run standard academic management. The privacy and security of the records is our priority. So we keep updating the security etiquette to ensure the clients of our trustworthy service. We also keep upgrading the design and the content of our software to uphold our benchmark. A continuous up-gradation process, a time to time follow-up, a rigorous training about the operational methods, makes our clients stay satisfied with our user-friendly school management software.

Awakening the future


Web esikhya Software is present 24/7 at the clients’ service. Our school management system customer service unit is always active to answer the customers all round the clock. Any kind of queries related to the software and its usage are answered very politely and efficiently. The team also guides the clients by providing solutions to several software related problems. We try our best to provide an error-free service to our clients and maintain a reputation for our bright future. We have an excellent track record of accessibility in delivering our services without interruption. For emergency, there is a chatbot, integrated into the software that answers any queries instantly.

Managing school 24/7

School ERP

Esikhya SOFTWARE has its unique customs for educational institutions. We work for small and big (international) schools with a similar approach. According to the number of staff and students, we set up our management programs. It helps us to work without any interruption. The school management also gets their desired requirements. Our school management software is helpful to deal with practical confronts occurring at times. We have years of experience to handle these issues easily with several techniques. Our system has the competence to resolve the problems and it gives the prospectus to the teachers and the administrative stuff to involve more in student assessment and making their records.

Improved User Experience

User Interface


Esikhya SOFTWARE offers different packages for maintaining the school database to the clients. We have an exceptional arrangement to provide a safeguard for the school database and backup of school data at an affordable price. We maintain a sustainable relationship with our clients for the betterment of a long term relationship goal. After-sale support with complete customer satisfaction helps to boost our work efficiency until its best. The reasonable package includes comprehensible fast responses that attract the customers to avail of our services. We assure you with great accuracy at our work. Approach us anytime whenever an issue arises. 24/7 technical support team is active to solve any technical issues.

Compact price



Our school management software works in an excellent operating system. Its exceptional design and the user-friendly system help to rank itself on top of the educational system software list. It has become the prototype for other software in this same domain. They follow our systematic simple but unique style, which is our great achievement. Web esikhya Software can be streamed in any famous browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. without creating any issues. The esikhya Software is platform independent. The school management can easily access their accounts anywhere any time they require. The software can be accessed through a mobile app installed on smartphones, can access from anywhere.

Simplified Educational System



Web esikhya Software software has flexibility in using and updating data. We can provide the endowment power to the school administration body to revise their data any time they wish to. Our security and privacy policy are firm. Apart from the authorized user, we don’t allow any other person to access the data through our school management software. Only the authorized person has access to edit the educational curriculum through the school management system. This personalization provides a great security to the entire school management system. There is no way that sensitive data can be mishandled at any time. Everything can be set as password protected.

Data Personalization


Web esikhya Software is the premium school management system that works for maintaining the database storage of the school IT departments. It endures both external and internal system saturation without disturbing the school policies. It also preserves the privacy of the detailed data relating to its clients. The software has the capability to preserve huge data with a proper backup system. It’s a powerful management tool where you can add, update the entire school data, student’s information, staff information, marks, student and staff attendance, and many more. The powerful backup system allows the school management to take a backup of the important data on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Unique School Backup and Restoring Process

Web Based


Technology has become an un-separated part of our life. Web esikhya Software is presenting the latest school management system which unifies the specialized technologies to nourish the talents of the little stars. We sort all the everyday school-related works to enhance the process of teaching in the long run. Our finest school management software can handle every responsibility and share the user-friendly guide to our clients. The software has made the daily schoolwork so easy that the school management can update any kind of information to the system just by using their smartphone or in Web application. They need to install the app and operate the dashboard through their mobile and PCs for Web application


Best Brains

esikhya provides an easy to use interface with initiative functionalities and controls. Exciting range of features and flexibility for customization is that what makes this school software unique and spectacular.

Welcome to esikhya, esikhya- School Management Software, restructuring an educational institution, on the verge of possibilities and consider it done, with our latest and cutting edge of our technology.


Digitizing scholastic institutions to survive in this Internet era with a myriad of
benefits to excel in academics as well as management.

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